How to Copy Bio Caption and Comments On Instagram

We'll usually find an Instagram post interesting, inspiring, or entertaining. We can save it directly to the archive, there are times when we want to copy the caption or comment instantly.

But when selecting the post, the copy option does not appear as it usually appears when using other social media applications. This is certainly very annoying!

How to Copy Bio Caption and Comments On Instagram

You don't need to bother anymore because I have collected various ways so that we can copy text from captions, bio or comments on Instagram simply.

So, pick the one you find most interesting.

How to copy bio, captions and comments on IG without additional applications

We'll start with no app first. This is the most recommended way. We will use browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Brave, etc. to copy text.

1. Open your Instagram app, then select the post you want to copy the text. After that, tap the three-dot icon on the top right and select the 'Copy Link' menu on the pop-up.

2. Now open the browser on your phone, tap the search bar and paste the link you copied earlier.

3. If so, tap the search result link below or press the enter button on the keyboard.

4. You will be taken to the web version of the Instagram page, here will appear Instagram posts according to the link earlier.

5. To copy the text of the sentence in the post, you can simply select the desired text area and tap the 'Copy' icon next to the selection.

6. Done. Just paste it wherever you want.

You can paste it into a note on your phone, or you can paste it into the group on WhatsApp to look through it later.

Very easy, right? Even so, this will be complicated if the number of comments or posts is too much. You have to do more scrolling and moving around the screen to get the desired text.

How to copy bio, caption and comments on IG with the application "Universal Copy".

You can get it for free on the Google Play Store, and has an impartially small size of 32 MB. In addition to Instagram, Universal Copy can be used for other applications such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and so on.
How to Copy Bio Caption and Comments On Instagram

To use it, follow the steps below:

1. Download the Universal Copy application on the Google Play Store or use the following link. Once downloaded, open then run the application

2. An introduction page will appear here, then tap the 'Skip' button at the bottom left.

3. Next, tap the topmost 'Universal Copy' menu and select the 'Open Settings' option.

4. You will be taken to the accessibility settings page, scroll down the screen until you find the 'Downloaded services' menu and select 'Universal Copy'.

5. Then slide the bar on the top right, if a pop-up appears, select the 'OK' option.

6. Return to the Universal Copy application, and make sure the bar on the 'Universal Copy' menu has moved to the right or is pink.

7. Next, just open Instagram and select the text you want to copy. Then, open the notification page and tap the 'Universal Copy' toggle.

8. Your Instagram page will change to "text selection" mode, here tap long enough on the text you want to copy. Later a pop-up will appear to copy the existing text, you just need to set which part you want to copy.

9. If so, just tap the 'Copy' icon in the upper right corner

10. Done. All you have to do is paste it into your notes. 

Pros of the "Universal copy" app

1. You can use it for other social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

2. It has more selection modes. For example, you can make text selections for many comments, some comments, hashtags, mention only, etc.

3. You can turn off the feature whenever you want.

To turn off this Universal Copy application, simply slide the bar on the right of the 'Universal Copy' menu to the left until it turns grey.

Disadvantages of the "Universal copy" app

1. Many ads when we want to enter the selection mode.

2. Using high-level permissions is risky.

Accessibility permission that can see everything on our screen is high-level permission that should not be given to just any app. If your phone is often used for online transactions, internet banking data and the like, it's best to avoid apps that ask for permissions like this.

But don't worry, the next app I suggest is safer, but of course, there is a 'trade-off', in terms of convenience, it's not as easy as the universal copy app.

How to copy bio, captions and comments on IG with the "Copy Text On The Screen" application

Unlike the previous application, Copy Text On The Screen copies text based on images, which can be photos or screenshots. So,  you need to take a screenshot of the text you want to copy on Instagram.
How to Copy Bio Caption and Comments On Instagram 3

The size is also tiny at 4.9 MB, it can copy various languages such as Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and many other languages.

1. Install the Copy Text On The Screen application on the Google Play Store or use the following link. If you have opened and run the application.

2. Once open, you will be asked to give the app storage and camera access, select the 'Allow' option.

3. Next, tap on the 'Gallery' icon at the bottom right of the screen and select the screenshot from Instagram that you made earlier.

4. After that, set the language by tapping the 'Language' menu on the top left and selecting the appropriate language option.

5. We just need to select the part we want to copy. There will be a blue line box that marks the size of the selection.

6. You can also adjust the size of the selection box, just tap once on the box and set the height or width. Next, tap the 'Check' icon at the top right of the screen to confirm.

8. If so, tap the 'Check' button at the bottom left.

9. Now, open the scanned file and tap the 'Copy' icon to save the writing on your cellphone clipboard.

10. Done, you can paste the writing results into your notes application.

Pros of the "Copy Text On The Screen" app

1. Does not require risky permissions. So it is much safer than the previous universal copy application.

2. Can be used for the text from images and cameras. This has many uses in everyday life, beyond copying text from Instagram. You can scan books, you can scan documents, etc.

Disadvantages of the "Copy Text On The Screen" app

1. Can only be used for images or cameras. So the text from Instagram needs to be screenshot, adding more steps. In addition, many texts may be difficult to scan because many Instagram users use unique fonts in their bios.

2. There are ads too.

How to copy bio, captions and comments on IG with the "Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)" application.

This last application is similar to the previous application. Where you need to screenshot the text on Instagram first. The advantages and disadvantages are also more or less the same.
How to Copy Bio Caption and Comments On Instagram 4

1.  Install the Text Fairy application on the Google Play Store or use the following link.

2. After that, open the application, and a request for permission to access the camera will appear. Just select the 'Allow' option.

3. You can choose whether you want to use the camera or document images in the form of screenshots. Just tap the 'Documents' menu at the bottom,

4. After that, tap the 'Gallery' icon on the top right. Search for the screenshot from Instagram that you made earlier.

5. Next, set the selection size according to the text you want to copy. If so, press the 'OK' button on the bottom right.

6. The scanned text will appear, here press the 'Copy Text' button to save it to the clipboard

7. Finally, just paste the copied text wherever you want.

Of the three applications above, I prefer to use Universal Copy because to copy, we just tap on the desired writing area directly. This is different from the other two applications, which require a screenshot file to be scanned.

Hopefully, it can help, if there are things that are difficult to understand, please write through the comments column below.

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